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09 September 2007 @ 03:50 pm
Hello Brian and Michael fans!

It's been months since Jbtribute and I have asked for donations to assist with the operation of always-fanfic.net. We are very happy that you opened your pocketbooks to us and donated so much that you kept the archive open for half a year! But the funds have been gone for a couple of months now and we *have* to ask for your help!

Jbtribute and I are both still amazed that after all this time we still get numerous visits to the archive by old Brian/Michael fans! And it's exciting to see newbies discover the archive…whether it be by word of mouth or good luck.

Anything you can donate to us is needed – the archive runs for just under $20 a month. If only twelve people donated a full $20 to us we could keep the site going for an entire year!! So every dollar, no matter how low, does go a long way in helping us pay for the archive.

If you have a Pal Pal account please take a look at our Welcome page on the archive, click the Pay Pal icon and donate!

Thank You all so very much!!!

Danielle & Jbtribute
Webmistresses of always-fanfic.net
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